Lois Ribner, CPA

Director of Staffing Solutions

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Lois has built her career around helping companies focus on what matters most – growing their business. In her role as Director of Staffing Solutions, her passion for discovering innovative solutions for everyday needs results in happier and more profitable clients. Whether it’s responding to a critical needs situation such as an unexpected staff vacancy or performing an extensive employee search to find a new CFO, Lois puts her significant hands-on experience to work.

She also provides transactional support in the accounting arena, technical support in payroll and human resources needs, employee search services, ongoing accounting support services in payables, billings, bank and account reconciliations. Temporary or ongoing solutions. Her sound business advice and ability to read and assess situation and identify needs quickly and accurately have been instrumental in helping companies better manage their business.


  • University of Michigan – Flint

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The time she crashed the car of her supervisor’s husband.