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Here are just a few of comments from attendees at a recent South Central Architectural, Engineering and Construction (SCAEC) networking event:

“Tim Klimchock of Stambaugh Ness has done an outstanding job in the formation and on-going success of the SCAEC networking group. Each month the SCAEC networking event provides an opportunity for idea exchange, information sharing, and new contacts. The events are hosted by different companies and are held at various convenient and hospitable locations. The attendance is always good. I look forward to the monthly SCAEC events since they are always such high quality.”
     Garry Brinton, CFM, Principal – FP + A, Inc.

“These relationships are having a positive effect. We are more aware of the excellent businesses right in our community and can make recommendations to our own customers with confidence.”
     Desiree Sunday, President – Hi-Tech Concrete Coatings/URETEK ICR Northeast

“It’s just a fun event … laid back, easy atmosphere. This is a group of decision makers… I got a nice client (by attending) this event. The key is it attracts business owners.”
     Rod Lockard, President – Lockard Creative Strategies

“The best thing is the diversity. This (event) really captures a good cross-section of our industry. It took on a life of its own.”
     Jeffrey Lynch, Director of Client Services – Navarro & Wright Consulting Engineers

“This is the perfect forum … You can build business and maintain friendships and relationships that you already do have.”
     Wayne Howe, Director of Business Development – Paragon Engineering Services

 “… It would take three months to set up an appointment with some of these people, with their schedules and mine.”
      Bruce Garner, Managing Principal – SGS Architects Engineers, Inc.

“I was at the first SCAEC event with about 25 others and I was at the last event with nearly 200. The growth of the group is a testament to its value: industry focused networking, no pressure to join anything, and no-cost events at great venues. The group has been a great place to chat with existing clients and meet others with the same professional interests.”
     Joshua C.  George,  Associate – Site Design Concepts

“There is no pressure, and there are no expectations. You get to come here and meet people. It’s very relaxed.”
     Jack Nagle, Vice President, Contracting – Sentry Fire Protection, Inc.

“Tim’s pursuit to grow the SCAEC Networking Group over the past year has been impressive. His dedication has helped create a group that allows professionals in the AEC industry to connect with people they may not see on a regular basis.” 
     Brett P. Calabretta, P.E./LEED AP, Project Manager – Warfel Construction Company

“The best things about this event are the low cost, and convenience. There are no misunderstandings about why you’re coming here. And there’s no long program.”
     Robert Kornman – Zug & Associates, Ltd.

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